Qu'est devenu Thor avec Marvel?

The Marvel universe follows the adventures of various heroes, often fighting evil from other planets or other dimensions. In the Marvel MCU, one of the main characters is one of our favorites: Thor.

Of course, as a fan of Nordic mythology and Marvel, this Nordic god can only please us. In Marvel, there are two types of films:

  • The films specific to each hero, each fighting a threat separately. In this category, Thor has 4 films to his name
  • The Avengers, where all the superheroes join forces to fight a threat that is too strong for one of them. In this category, Thor is featured in all 4 films.


We prefer to warn you, beware of spoilers, if you haven't seen the Thor movies yet, go see them and come this article after.

Chapter 1: Thor's legacy

To know the history of Thor, we must go back to 965. At that time, it was already Odin, Thor's father who was king of Asgard. One of their greatest threats were the ice giants who threatened to plunge the earth into an apocalypse. To do this, they possessed the chest of ancient winters: a source of energy so powerful that it could destroy a planet.

Odin arrived with his army and drove the giants from the Earth, taking the opportunity to retrieve the coveted chest and lock it away. This threat had disappeared from the radar, until Thor was to become king.

Indeed, Thor was to inherit the throne of his father and thus become king of Asgard, but it is during the ceremony that three Jotuns come to try to steal the chest, failing against the army of Asgardians. Thor wanted to take revenge for this act, which he considered unforgivable, but his father refused, judging that the game was not worth the candle. Bloodthirsty, he disobeyed his father and took 4 friends with him: Sif, Volstagg, Fandrall and Hogun.

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The five warriors arrived at Jotunheim, and defeated every enemy that stood in their way. The difference in numbers was too great, and they found themselves trapped with their backs to a cliff, a fall from which would cause certain death. It was at this point that Odin arrived, saving them and bringing them safely back to Asgard.

Upon his return to Asgard, Odin was so disappointed with Thor and his friends, that he decided to not only deny him the throne, but to strip him of all his powers and exile him to Earth. His hammer Mjolnir is also sent to Earth, but after a disenchantment of Odin, making it unusable

Chapter 2: Arrival on Earth

Thor lands in New Mexico, near Puente Antigo. His arrival created a tornado and disturbance so impressive that all the local scientists were alerted, especially three: Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis and Erik Selvig. In the rush, the three scientists knocked over the ancient god, and decided to take him home. Only, a news alerted everyone in the village, a metallic object had appeared in the middle of the desert, creating a huge crater, this object seemed, according to the rumors, to be a hammer.

Thor immediately made the connection, and rushed to the scene, knowing that he was the only one able to lift it. Only, not being worthy enough, the hammer did not move an inch.

No sooner had he left than a government agency called SHIELD arrived on the scene and secured the area, barring it to the public. Thor, dejected, realized that he was destined to end his life on Earth as a mortal.

Chapter 3: The Trouble Starts

Meanwhile, on Asgard, Loki discovers that he is not actually Odin's son, but that of Laufey, an ice giant, and has been adopted by Odin during a battle. Devastated by the news, he decides to swear an oath to his biological family and offers Laufey the opportunity to kill Odin. Thor's friends, realizing Loki's actions, went to get him on Earth, while Loki was being named king in his brother's absence.

Loki understood the game of Thor's friends, and decided to go and put obstacles in their way by creating the Destroyer: a giant robot whose purpose was to kill Thor. The Asgardians managed to defeat the robot after a long battle, giving Thor back his dignity and recovering Mjolnir.

In the end, the Asgardians defeat the robot after a long battle, restoring Thor's dignity and reclaiming Mjolnir, and Loki decides to unleash his hatred on his new family by killing Laufey. A new battle broke out between the two brothers, where Odin had to separate them. Loki was so disappointed that he decided to commit suicide by jumping into the vortex. Thor confessed to his father that he recognized his mistakes and that he was not ready to be king.

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Chapter 4: His life as a new god

Thor spent the rest of his life alternating between Earth and Asgard, watching over his family, as well as his new friend, for whom he seems to have feelings: Jane Foster. Later (in an Avengers movie), Loki reappeared, and was sentenced to be imprisoned for life on Asgard.

Chapter 5: Thor vs. the dark elves

While Thor continued to live his life as a quiet god, Heimdall, the guardian of the Bifrost warned the son of Odin that he could no longer see Jane (indeed, the guardian could monitor, thanks to his magical eye all 9 worlds).

Indeed, during her studies, Jane had stumbled upon a portal leading to another world, and found herself trapped there. Thor eventually finds her and brings her back to Asgard to heal her. It turns out that she is in fact possessed by Aether, a source of energy possessed at the time by the dark elves.

The Aether source calls out to Malekith, the king of the dark elves, who can sense that she is in Asgard. He decided to send one of his men, disguised as Kurse, to destroy the defenses of Asgard to allow the entire army to invade the city of Odin. He succeeded, allowing a battle to break out. The Asgardians not being ready to fight had to flee, Frigga, Thor's mother will lose her life while trying to defend Jane.


Thor will then go to fight Malekith, the battle will be so long that it will take place in several worlds, so that Thor finally succeeds in sending the elf in the world of darkness and to close the portal on him. At the end of the battle he will be congratulated and will be offered the throne of Asgard, once again he refused.


Marvel has retraced the history of the Norwegian god, adding elements to its sauce, for the most purist of the Nordic culture, these films are not to be taken at face value but rather a way to discover this culture to the general public.

"Courage is nothing more than the will to fight despite fear."

- Ragnar, Vikings -

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