Thor, un Avengers pas comme les autres

Avengers is a series of films retracing the adventures of superheroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and especially our favorite : Thor! In these adventures they fight sources of evil that are all the time irrational compared to our context (we speak of alien, artificial intelligence etc ...).

The powers of these heroes have several origins, we have :

  • Captain america : was injected with a serum during the second world war, thus increasing his athletic abilities and strength tenfold. Steve Rogers has since been frozen and awakened in the present day.
  • Iron-Man : It is to his intelligence that we owe his power, indeed Tony Stark made a fortune in the sale of weapon then created himself his robot suit allowing him among other things to fly or shoot missiles.
  • Hulk : An accident during a scientific test, Bruce Banner has radioactive waves in him that were caused by an explosion. As soon as he gets angry, he turns into the green monster we all know.


Then we have our favorite: Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth. So him, we are definitely on another level: he is a god. No more, no less God of ThunderHe's the son of Odin, the protector of Asgard, the Avengers, he's got a lot of hats on.

He was spotted by the Avengers when he went wrong on his world, Asgard, and was exiled to Earth. Since then, he has been alternating between different worlds to ensure eternal peace.

The Avengers as a whole are led by SHIELD, an anti-terrorism organization. At its head is Nick Fury, a former elite veteran turned super-spy.


Loki has been exiled from Asgard for high treason, so he allies himself with the "other", an alien who wants to control the world. To do so, he must possess the tesseract: a source of infinite energy. Loki breaks into the SHIELD offices, armed with his magic scepter. He will cause great damage and bewitch Clint and Dr. Selvig before disappearing with the Tesseract. The energy released by this source is so strong that it creates an explosion that will destroy Nick Fury's offices.

Chapter 1: Gathering

Nick Fury makes the decision to gather the Avengers: the threat is too great to summon just one. Bruce, Tony, Steve and Thor respond. They quickly locate him in Stuttgart, trying to dominate the German population. They quickly capture him, but an argument breaks out about where Loki should be held. Indeed, as tradition in the Thor movies would have it, the latter would like him to be locked up in Asgard, like all the prisoners of the gods while the others want him locked up on Earth.

Chapter 2: Division

The group dissolves, they come to blows. Iron Man goes after Thor, Captain America arrives and Thor attacks Steve. There follows a long fight that ends with the three Avengers giving up: it's useless to fight. Back on the boat with Loki, the group is divided, each one tries to blame the others, while Natahsa questions Loki, who reveals his plan: an attack will come on the boat.

Chapter 3: The attack on the ship

Natasha doesn't have time to warn her friends that a first missile is fired by Clint, still under the enemy's control. The damage is catastrophic: dead, wounded, material damage, but especially the disappearance of Loki and his scepter. The only positive point: Clint Barton was recaptured by the Avengers and eventually came to his senses. An alert began to sound: a dimensional portal will open in New York.

thor et les avengers

Chapter 4: The Attack on New York

The Avengers move as quickly as possible, but arrive too late: the portal is already open and the aliens are invading the city. From there, a huge fight breaks out, with the Avengers trying to save the population by pushing back the enemies. There were too many of them, when an alien was pushed back, three new ones arrived: a solution had to be found. What was the solution? Only Loki's sceptre can close the portal and prevent new monsters from coming. Meanwhile, the National Council meets and eventually votes to eradicate New York with a missile. Iron-Man, who has been warned, manages to divert the missile into the portal while Natasha manages to close the portal with the scepter, eradicating the aliens and preventing them from ever returning. Loki is eventually captured and delivered to Asgard and every Avenger left in his direction, Thor of course joins his brother on Asgard where he will be locked up for life.

collection thor


Once the war is over and the sceptre is recovered, Tony Stark wishes to analyze the power contained in Loki's sceptre, so they get on it with Banner and end up discovering that it is controlled by a super-powerful artificial intelligence, much more than the one Tony Stark already has. He then sees an opportunity: improve his system with the help of the new discovery, he will name him Ultron.

Chapter 1: Ultron Wakes Up

During a drunken evening, in the company of Stark's friends and the Avengers, Ultron wakes up and decides to control all of Stark's robots to carry out a mission: kill all the Avengers. The Avengers are able to control the robots easily enough, but not Ultron, who manages to escape.

Chapter 2: The Assault on Sokovia

Ultron goes to Sokovia where he builds a huge vibranium pillar. By lighting this pillar, the entire city will be lifted into the air hundreds of feet high, then fall with the force of a meteorite. The power of the fall would be so great that it would hit the entire planet, wiping out all life. The Avengers arrive and try to save the people in the city, but Ultron intervenes, stronger than before with a huge army of robots obeying him. Thor and his friends continue to save the people while the Hulk teams up with Wanda to go destroy Ultron. They managed to defeat him, and blew up the air city, once it was emptied by the Avengers.

thor ultron

Chapter 3: Return to Calm

Wanda eventually destroyed the artificial intelligence, eliminating any danger. The Avengers moved their office back to New York, with Tony's funding. Everyone went their separate ways, all wanting to take a well-deserved retirement while Thor wanted to return to Asgard, to look after his family.

To continue in the cinematographic universe, don't hesitate to go see the Marvel movies. See you there.

"Courage is nothing more than the will to fight despite fear."

- Ragnar, Vikings -

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