Drinking ox horn from Valhalla
Drinking ox horn from Valhalla
Drinking ox horn from Valhalla
Drinking ox horn from Valhalla
Drinking ox horn from Valhalla
Drinking ox horn from Valhalla
Drinking ox horn from Valhalla
Drinking ox horn from Valhalla
Drinking ox horn from Valhalla
Drinking ox horn from Valhalla
Drinking ox horn from Valhalla
Drinking ox horn from Valhalla

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Drinking ox horn from Valhalla

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Authentic ox horn with stand.
Container possible
Water, Wine and Beer or other cold drinks
Not recommended
Hot drinks like tea or coffee!
The outside of the horn is polished
The pictures represent a display model, each model is unique for obvious reasons.
400 ml ~ 600 Ml
about 30 cm
Accessoire Corne de bœuf à boire du Valhalla - Odins Hall

Drinking ox horn from Valhalla

Size : 400ml to 450ml

Our vikings love them together:

Take advantage of an additional 20% reduction!

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Discover the Valhalla Drinking Horn, one of our most impressive models with its blue color reflections.

And if you take the time to get a real collector's item for fans of Nordic mythology. Whether you drink from it or use it as a decorative element, this Viking horn will transform the atmosphere into something badass and inspiring the Scandinavian culture of the time.

Just imagine the faces of the people around you when you get out of your "goblet" to drink your mead!

It should be noted that Vikings drink from horns in the collective imagination, following many fictions that represent them drinking from these horns. But the reality is quite different, the Vikings drank from wooden mugs.

With the horn you will get a leather strap as well as a base to put it on!

Important information :

The cup was made of natural buffalo horn, it has a horn taste, you need to clean it before using it. If it still has a taste after, you can fill it with water for the day.

You need to clean after use, keep the cup dry.

Corne à boire Valhalla

Important notes: This drinking horn does not go through our usual logistics for delivery. It goes directly from the manufacturer to your home, it will take about 10 days for delivery, thank you for your understanding!

The Valhalla

In Norse mythology, when a warrior dies in battle, if he died with honor then he will go to Valhalla, in the palace of the god Odin. He will then be able to feast with the gods and the other warriors until the day of Ragnarok when they will all go to fight.

This horn being really impressive, we thought it was a good idea to give it the name of Valhalla horn!

Come on, if you've read this far, I'll thank you by showing you the Viking drinking horn, if not, you can check out our other Viking horns or all of our accessories, you'll find something you like for sure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

C'est comme sur la photo.


Arrivé en quelques semaines et juste à temps car c'est pour un cadeau, il a l'air très beau et de bonne qualité le matériel


Mon mari heureux avec son cadeau d'anniversaire, il l'adore .. Merci, c'est ce que j'attendais. Salutations




Tout parfait


C'est un peu fissuré.

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